Botox is emerging in the field of dentistry as a wonderful new treatment option, not only for improving facial aesthetics but also in the treatment of joint and muscle pain. Have you ever wanted to even out those fine lines? At Dental HQ we help you achieve smoother and fresher looking skin by administering a commonly used injectable muscle relaxant. Our trained dentists will consult with you about which areas of the face you would like to target. Typically the effect will last three to four months, however, with ongoing or preventative doses the effects longer lasting.
Whether you have naturally occurring thin lips, or have lost the volume of tissue in your lips (as part of the ageing process) we can help rebuild and create fuller lips using dermal fillers. Many of us are apprehensive of lip augmentations as we want to avoid unnatural looking ‘fish’ lips seen on many Hollywood stars. We at Dental HQ believe in achieving a natural result that enhances the patient's beauty rather than making them look artificial.

The Dental HQ
Dr. Gareema Prasad
BDS, PhD. (Univ of Melbourne, Australia)

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