White Fillings/ Onlays


Composite resin is a plastic-based tooth coloured filling material which is bonded to the natural tooth structure. These materials are always being updated and improved, and over time technological advances in biomaterials has allowed fillings to be done very conservatively, maintaining as much healthy tooth structure as possible.
The procedure involves:
1) Local anaesthetic may be administered if the cavity is deep
2) Tooth is prepared and cleaned removing all decay
3) During the filling placement procedure, the resin has a soft putty-like consistency, which can be sculpted and moulded very easily. Once in place, it is then hardened by a blue light which sets the filling to full strength within 20 seconds.
Composite resin can be used to fill both front and back teeth. At Dental HQ, our Restorative Dentists will create life-like fillings, that will be difficult to differentiate you’re your natural teeth. However, like any material, composite resin does have its limitations and is not ideal for very large restorations. In such cases either porcelain crowns or porcelain onlays will be advised.
Porcelain onlays are made in the laboratory in a process similar to crowns and porcelain veneers. The process is very simple, and requires two appointments
Appointment 1:
   Preparation of the cavity like any restoration
   An impression is taken of the prepared cavity
   A shade will be taken, so that the colour match is ideal
   Temporary restoration will be placed for a few days until the laboratory has fabricated the restoration
Appointment 2:
   The temporary filling material is removed and the cavity is cleaned up
   The new onlay restoration is tried in for colour match and fit.
   Then the restoration is bonded to the natural tooth structure with luting cement
At Dental HQ you will get best services of White Fillings/ Onlays in Juhu, Vile Parle. Visit Dental HQ and take appointment at earliest.

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