Your dentist is prescribing you these 5 things, that are not medicines and tastes yummy!

Well, let’s agree on one thing. The best part of life is food and especially when doctors or nutritionist take that favorite item out of your meal, you just feel like you have lost a slice of life.

So, we are not here to bore you with cliché tips like stop avoiding chocolates and brush your teeth before bed. You have heard those a zillion times. Let’s just spice up your diet with all these awesome delicacies that actually avoid Dental Cavities.

  • 1. CHEESE

    Research has proved that Cheese increases the pH of the plaque, which means it becomes deadly for the germs. Also, it increases the saliva in the mouth, which has properties to not only kill the decay-causing germs, but also harden our precious enamel.


    Apart from giving you a glowing and radiant skin, Strawberries are one of the fancy food stuff that prevents dental decay. Strawberries, being a rich source of Vitamin C, turns out to be beneficial for our gums, making them strong.

  • 3. EGGS

    Eat it the way you like it, boiled or fried, eggs are enriched with Vitamin D. In the growing years of age, Vitamin D helps to make your teeth stronger and stronger teeth in general are not susceptible to decay.


    Sugar-free gum or candy is made with xylitol, a natural sugar substitute. Xylitol is a very effective cavity fighter and prevents decay from occurring .Xylitol helps prevent cavities because bacteria that cause tooth decay cannot utilize it to grow and cannot metabolize it to produce acid.

  • 5. WINE

    Wine, at least the red variety, is generally not considered great for teeth because of the stains it can leave behind. But one study suggests that many of the individual chemical components in both red and white wine can actively fight the bacteria that lead to tooth decay and cavities.
    See, isn’t it amazing that you get your dentist’s endorsement on all your favorites. The only catch is that you should see your dentist every 6 months for a regular check up, to make sure that you have maintained your teeth well. If incase they find some minor issue with any tooth, they can fix it immediately. And that’s it, you are again a free bird to enjoy these foodstuffs for the rest 6 months.

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