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CHILDREN'S DENTISTRY is basically deal with the examination and treatment of dental health in children.

Let us care for your little ones.
A question asked by many parents us when is the right age to take a child for their first visit to the dentist. The Australian Dental Association recommends the first dental visit for your child should be by the age of one, or soon after their first tooth erupts. This ensures that the teeth, gums and all oral structures can be examined. It also gives parents an opportunity to discuss any concerns, as well as giving the child exposure to a positive dental office environment.
Six monthly visits should continue after the first visit while introducing something new at every visit until your toddler is completely comfortable getting a comprehensive exam and a cleaning done while your dentist can detect any concerns early.
At six years of age, changes start to occur which your dentist will monitor closely. The first tooth falls out at this age and the first adult molar erupts. Sometimes a panoramic X-ray will be taken at this age to confirm that dental development is progressing normally.
Unfortunately many children require dental treatment quite early these days. The dentists at Dental HQ use a variety of distraction techniques to make the little ones comfortable. In difficult cases we also offer sedation and general anaesthetic options.

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BDS, PhD. (Univ of Melbourne, Australia)

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