Dental Oncology Treatment


At Dental HQ we utilize the latest in diagnostic technologies. We offer patients an oral cancer check-up using the Velscope. Recognized by the World Health Organization and used with traditional oral examinations, the VelScope is an invaluable adjunctive tool that allows for early detection and enhanced visualization of oral mucosal abnormalities, including oral cancer and pre-malignant dysplasia.
We also offer dental treatment for patients undergoing chemotherapy, head and neck radiation therapy or patients who are on bone modifying drugs. The above treatments have an impact on a patient's dental and gum health and hence these patients require close monitoring and frequent dental recalls ensuring a healthy oral environment.
At Dental HQ, we offer best Oral Care Treatment, in a caring and comfortable environment, which are designed to help our patients achieve a lifelong smile and good dental health.

The Dental HQ
Dr. Sanjay Joshi
Oral Surgeon

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