Good Dentist In Mumbai

Combine your dental treatment along with a visit to India.

We will ensure world class service on the dental as well as tourism side to make this a compelling experience.

Why India?

Dental Services

  • World class facilities when chosen correctly

  • High quality physicians are available as the sheer volume of patients they see provides unmatched experience

  • English as the dominant language of communication

  • World beating prices as medical/dental services need to be affordable to cater to the Indian masses


  • More diverse than Europe, as there are greater number of languages, cuisines, dress cultures than all of Europe put together
  • Natural habitats from the Indian ocean, to Thar desert, to the forests and then the Himalayas. The diversity of landscapes, flora and fauna and animals is incredible
  • Culture, India is the oldest surviving continuous civilisation in the world. It has assimilated cultures of the indigenous people and invaders leading to a rich diversity of culture and traditions
  • Monuments and Architecture: From Taj Mahal to Red Fort these are only a few examples
The Dental HQ

Taj Mahal, one of the seven wonders of the world, located at Agra

The Dental HQ

The Red Fort, at the capital city of India, Delhi

The Dental HQ

The Himalayas, youngest mountain ranges, in North India

Why Dental HQ?

The Dental HQ

Highly Qualified Team

  • The Principal Dentist and CEO of The Dental HQ,Dr.Gareema Prasad, is an Australian trained Dentist with years of experience in private practice in Australia and Singapore. She holds a BDSc degree from Univ of Melbourne and a PhD from there as well.

  • Core team of specialists who are well qualified and bring a blend of experience to the practice. Some of the institutions represented in our team are:

  • Univ of Melbourne, Australia

  • New York University (NYU), USA

  • Univ of California Los Angeles (UCLA), USA

  • Temple University, Philadelphia, USA

State-of-the-art Technology

  • One of Mumbai’s largest dental centres located in Juhu, Mumbai

  • State of the art equipment to enable complete DIGITAL DENTISTRY

  • On premise CBCT / Digital X Rays, etc ensures that patients are taken care in house and can access their records digitally from anywhere

  • Lasers for use in procedures minimizes discomfort

  • Quick turn around for implants/bridges/ veneers

  • Australian/Singaporean guidelines of INFECTION CONTROL. Separate areas dedicated for sterilization and autoclaving to ensure no contamination

The Dental HQ
The Dental HQ

Ethical Treatments

  • Conservative interventions only when considered essential

  • Thorough and professional examination by Specialists

  • Strict adherence to International protocols and guidelines

  • Complete transparency on treatment and costs


  • Located in the plush suburb of Juhu

  • Close to both domestic and international airports

  • Numerous stay options to fit all budgets

  • Mumbai is a thriving metropolis which has something for everyone

  • Home of Bollywood, go celebrity spotting

  • Food, especially the local snack food is simply amazing

  • Cultural sites like Elephanta caves and Gateway of India

  • Many cultural festivals

The Dental HQ

Consultation Process

  • Initial Exploratory Phone Call

  • Information Gathering - Form Filling & Reports Gathering

  • Video consultation with principal dentist, Dr. Gareema Prasad

  • Treatment planning with cost estimate

  • We can even liase with your local dentist to get better information

  • Transport to & from clinic

  • Dental treatment completion

Follow Up

Optional Travel Packages

Mumbai Tours

  • Contact us on and we will be happy to guide you for local sight seeing options

The Dental HQ, Golden Triangle Tour

Cultural Focus

The Dental HQ, Golden Triangle Tour
The Dental HQ, Taj Dash Tour

Beach Relaxation

The Dental HQ, Goa package

Backwater Exploration

The Dental HQ, Kerala package

Customize your Travel

  • Tell us the places you’d like to visit & we’ll create a customized travel package for you! So many things to choose from like the forts of Rajasthan, Tiger safari parks, Visiting the islands of Andamans and many many more.


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