Importance of chewing your food correctly

Digestion of food is a complex process. The food we eat needs to be broken down mechanically and chemically into smaller and simpler substances so that it may be absorbed by the body and further used as energy to keep the entire system functional.

The Digestion Process

Did you know that the digestive process begins even before you start to consume your food?

Yes, as soon as you start to feel hungry and think of food, your oral cavity increases the production of saliva, which contains an important enzyme that helps break down your food & initiate the digestive process.

Chewing your food properly and allowing it to mix with the saliva are the only digestive processes that you have voluntary control over! The better you chew your food, the better it is mixed and broken down with saliva, & consequently your stomach has lesser work to do! Therefore, it is extremely essential that we pay attention to what, how and when we put things into our mouth!

Issues Related to Improper Chewing

Nowadays, we see that it has become a normal habit to use your mobile phone or watch a TV series while eating food. This process is highly detrimental to health as the divided attention between eating and watching the screen leads to the following issues:

  • Your body is confused. The digestive hormones are not released in the amount and time they ideally should be.

  • You don’t realize how much to eat as your attention is divided and you can hardly understand whether or not your stomach is full. This leads to over eating or sometimes even under eating.

  • You gulp down your food! You forget to chew your food properly and as a result, the first important step of saliva starting the digestion of food does not happen! Your stomach bears the brunt for that. Also, undigested food takes up more space in the stomach, causing bloating.

All the above eventually lead to indigestion, poor nutrition, obesity, constipation, acid reflux and other digestion related issues.

Perks of Chewing Well
  • You will also realize that if you eat slowly and chew properly you will end up eating less as your stomach becomes full faster.

  • Chewing slowly also helps make the food more alkaline, thus reducing the acidity in the stomach.

  • If thats not enough, a good chew keeps your teeth and gums healthy too!

"A well chewed burger is better for your waistline than a badly chewed salad".

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