Post COVID Dental Practice Protocol

After weeks of living in quarantine, dentists are now getting ready to get back to work.

The Dental councils & associations across the globe have laid down multiple guidelines for dental practitioners.

We at The Dental HQ, have also been seeing only emergency cases, however, now we are fully equipped to see patients requiring dental treatments. While we have implemented all the guidelines of the Dental Council of India & the Australian Dental Association, we would require some cooperation on the patient's end too.

Our Philosophy : Patient protection and safety is the topmost priority via mimimizing possibility of infection.

Here is a list of Protocols being followed at The Dental HQ by the dental staff as well as patients:


  • Patients will be seen “By prior appointment” only. Patients are requested to kindly call and book an appointment.

  • Telephonic scheduling of appointments which will include "Screening Questions" for patients about their health, travel history & residence zone.

  • A consent form will be sent to patients to read online, which they will be asked to sign at the clinic.

  • Patients advised to carry minimal things, keep their hair tied, and avoid wearing accessories on their face and neck during their visit.

  • Patients are requested not to bring attendees along or minimize number to maintain "Social Distancing".


  • Patients are asked to wear a mask when they step out and all the way till they reach the clinic.

  • Patients should call the clinic when they are about to reach to ensure there is no waiting time.

  • If required, patients coming by private transport are suggested to wait in the car, while those coming by public transport will be allotted a private waiting room to follow "Social Distancing".

  • The patient must call the clinic when he/she is about to reach so the staff is ready to receive them.

  • Patients are advised to carry a toothpick/use elbow to press the elevator buttons.

  • Before stepping into the clinic, the patient will be directed to remove their shoes, remove the mask, and sanitize/wash their hands & face.

  • After entering the clinic, use of mobile phones is prohibited to avoid unnecessary touching.


  • Once on the dental chair, the patient is asked to remove the mask, and rinse their mouth with an Iodine mouth wash to reduce the viral & bacterial load in the oral cavity.

  • The dentist and dental assistant treating the patient will be wearing the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) along with face shields & N95 masks. The same will be changed over between each patient.

  • After the procedure, the patient is asked to re mask before leaving the operatory.


  • Receipts for dental treatments will be emailed to the patients.

  • Patients are encouraged to pay by online platforms like debit/credit card/UPI transfers. Please confirm payment mode in advance.

  • 100% follow up of all patients in 7 days asking for COVID status.

  • Follow up appointments will be scheduled over the phone.

We will update our protocols as & when required.

Thanking you in advance for your cooperation.

Stay safe.

- The Dental HQ Team

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