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Latest Technology and Equipments

Latest technology meets the best hands in dentistry at the state-of-the art infrastructure located in uptown locale of Upper Juhu. We provide our patients with the best possible dental care maintaining the highest standards of sterilisation.

  • CBCT & OPG

    We focus on thorough diagnosis that leads to meticulous treatment planning. The in-house provisions for Pan X-rays minimises the hassles of our patients to visit any other centre, leading to faster diagnosis

  • Digital Intraoral X-ray
    Digital Intraoral X-ray

    The super fast x-ray images procured chair-side allows our doctors to provide better and faster care for our patients.

  • Lasers

    With Lasers, we take away your major fears of dental treatment. Experience the dental treatment of your dreams with no injection shots, no bleeding and very limited post-op discomfort. In addition, sparkle your pearlies with Laser Bleaching.

  • Digital 3D X-Rays
    Digital Impressions

    A milestone achieved in the world of Digital Dentistry. With a swish of the intra-oral scanner, accurate details of your mouth are recorded. Getting crowns, bridges, retainers and mouth guards is so much easier now.

  • Rotary Endodontics
    Rotary Endodontics

    We aim for faster and painless Root canal treatments. Using advanced gadgets for Root canal treatments reduces the time required for the procedure.

  • Microscope
    Dental Microscope

    If we see better, we treat better. Dental Microscopes magnifies the image of your tooth 3 to 5 times, allowing our doctors better understanding of your case. A fail-proof treatment follows that, without saying.

Patient Centric Consultation

Our entire practice is centered around our patient, focusing on their health, comfort, safety, and satisfaction. Our multispecialty team of dentists, dental hygienists, and professional dental assistants are united in their devotion to provide highest standard of dental care and customer service. Our dental specialists, each board-certified in his or her respective field, strive to provide our patients the opportunity to improve their oral health, smiles, and their self-image by offering a vast array of services in a comfortable, professional environment.

Advanced Treatments

When you think about advanced dental care, you can rely on us to provide a high quality, patient-centred service. Our experienced dentists offer a variety of treatments and techniques that can help you attain a more comfortable experience here. Our team consists of internationally trained doctors treating each case with precision

Specialist Dentist

Enriched with experience and skill, our team of dental professionals provide treatment with special care and ease. Our team consists of doctors who are stalwarts in their fields of specialisation, with decades of experience. It is our goal to make your dental visit as pleasant as possible.


The clinic has been made under Australian dental guidelines.
It has State of the Art clinical facilities including lasers, intra-oral scanners, microscopes and in-house 3D Scan facilities. The Centre is planned keeping the patient’s comfort in mind.

The Dental HQ team strongly believes in CONTINUING EDUCATION

Educating the dentists will improve the overall dental health in our country. We are currently in the process of opening a hands-on dental training center to offer dental courses in Mumbai along the following lines:
1. Approximately 21 simulation mannequin heads with a tutor station
2. Lecture theatre for around 25 students
3. Live surgery telecast facility
4. Clinical facilities (dental chairs) for Live-Surgeries
5. A break out area

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